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Determining Your Micros System Information

1. Go to your Micros POS system (2700) and put your key in the front lock. Turn it to the right.

2. Now turn the power off in the back and hold down the [ENTER] key while turning back on. The Micros POS system diagnostics should come up on the screen.

3. Release the [ENTER] key and press it again one time. All of the information about your Micros POS system will appear.

4. Under "System Information": The second row down might say "2700 HMS 5.03", the third row down might say "1024 APP Processor 80286". These are the rows we will need information from. Please write this system information down.

5. Turn your Micros POS system off

6. Turn your Micros POS system back on while holding the [CLEAR] key down and you will be back where you started.

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